Automotive Press Repair


One of our long-standing customers, a leading North American supplier to the automotive OEM market needed urgent help for their plant. A critical press was malfunctioning, which had serious consequences due to the strict supply chain requirements in today’s lean automotive manufacturing environment where uptime is crucial. Other millwrights had worked on the equipment and provided what turned out to be band-aid fixes.


Meehan’s Industrial dispatched a team of certified millwrights with specialized automotive expertise to troubleshoot. It became evident that the root cause of the problem with the press was in the hydraulic system and related to a lack of secondary pressure. Meehan’s Industrial team made the necessary adjustments to the system and the press was back up and running.


With over 35 years experience and expertise in stamping press repairs and maintenance, Meehan’s Industrial team is familiar with all presses and other equipment used in the automotive parts industry. They were able to identify the problem quickly and fix the press within one shift. Meehan’s Industrial’s quick response and problem solving skills secured uptime effectively.

Automotive factory press