Commercial Bakery


Our Customer, a Toronto-based leading commercial bakery of small cakes and cookies, needed to expand their operation to meet high customer demand. The manufacturing process involved baking, icing, topping and packaging the baked goods for distribution to leading retailers. Meehan’s scope of work involved building and installing a mezzanine in addition to assembling, installing and commissioning two new automated lines that convey finished baked goods from the oven to the topping line where the icing and decorations are applied, before being packaged individually and boxed for shipment.


Components of the lines were supplied by a leading manufacturer of conveyors and robots. Meehan’s was responsible for the installation of drain, air and water lines in addition to the fabrication of guards and the modification of a number of components to complete the job. Components were made from stainless steel to ensure food safety practices were maintained.


The entire job was completed in just 2 months, on time and on budget thus allowing the customer to meet increased demand in a timely manner.