Plant Relocation


Our Customer, one of Canada’s largest suppliers of corrugated boxes with plants across the country, was consolidating its Western Canadian operations to optimize production efficiency. The scope of the project included dismantling two existing production facilities in Alberta and British Columbia plus relocating and reassembling the production lines in a newly expanded plant in Vancouver. Meehan’s was recommended to handle this massive operation by another valued customer due to our reputation for reliability and knowledge of this type of equipment.


This massive operation took 2 months to complete and entailed disassembling the production equipment from the two plants and shipping the equipment on trucks to the new location. All equipment was then unloaded and reassembled in the Vancouver plant at different production areas. When unforeseen problems arose, Meehan’s was able to overcome them through the design and implementation of a number of modifications.


The project came in on budget while still meeting the very tight 2-month time line. This allowed our customer to resume production in time to satisfy increased production demand.