Wastewater Treatment Plant


A local regional municipality needed to refurbish and repair the aeration header at one of their wastewater treatment facilities, including the replacement of a 50-year-old concrete header. The header was leaking excessively and there was fear of a major breakdown.


Due to their extensive expertise in the Wastewater industry, Meehan’s was called in to manufacture and install all the piping, insulation, sound shielding and supports. A new 30” stainless steel header was installed to replace a badly deteriorating concrete header that was situated below grade. The job required a significant amount of custom concrete work to allow the new system to tie into the old system. Scheduled shutdowns of the blowers/headers were required that provided a window of just 4 hours at any time to make the new connections.


The work took place over a two-month period and was completed on time. Most importantly, to the complete satisfaction of the customer the plant continued to operate without any down time throughout the project.