Water Purification Plant

Confined Space Water Purification Plant Valve Replacement


Due to the age of the equipment, a Southern Ontario customer needed to replace numerous isolation valves that were located below grade in one of their water purification plants. Access to the valves was further complicated by the steel constructions that surrounded the large pipes in the facility. The work needed to take place during low flow periods with limited windows of opportunity in order not to interrupt the water supply.


For over 30 years, Meehan’s Industrial has repaired, rebuilt, installed and maintained critical equipment for public sector water system operators and B2B customers. It has accumulated unparalleled experience, plus its demonstrated capability in confined space entry, just like in this case, to perform the valve replacement project.

Meehan’s Industrial designed a work schedule around low flow periods overnight on weekends. Its skilled team of multi-trade professionals removed steel walkways and staircases prior to taking out the old valves that were as large as 60” and weighing up to tens of thousands of pounds. After each valve replacement, the steel constructions were reinstalled to maintain access and individual shutdowns never exceeded 16 hours.


The work was performed over a twelve-month period and was completed as scheduled. Most importantly, the plant continued to operate throughout the project without compromising the customer’s water purification capacity.